This is the Real Spain

Have you ever heard of the ancient dialects preserved by the shepherds in Pasiego Valleys or of the natural pools of Gredos Mountains where you can bathe at an altitude of two thousand metres?

Did you know that the Alcudia Valley is home to the largest mercury mines in the world, or that the Jerte Valley unfolds a magnificent flowering show in autumn?

Do you know the exquisite honey that is produced in the La Alcarria fields or the world-award winning Payoyo goat cheese from the Sierra de Grazalema? Well... this is the Real Spain, and it's time for you to discover it. 

The authentic Spain

Forgotten lands, unimaginable landscapes, gems of art and architecture, surprising customs and villages rooted in a stirring and fascinating history. All of this is accompanied by an immense gastronomic and wine culture without which the identity of the authentic Spain could not be understood.

Favourite destinations in Spain

Sierra de Grazalema

A caballo entre las provincias de Cádiz y Málaga, la Sierra de Grazalema se alza como un bastión rocoso de formas caprichosas entre las que se encaraman los pequeños pueblos blancos que la caracterizan. Uno de los rincones más remotos de toda...
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Valles Pasiegos

Pasiegos Valleys are a group of small and intricate valleys characterised by their bright green colour and the softness of their hills. Located in the heart of the region of Cantabria, they are crossed by the rivers Pas, Pisueña and Miera and have...
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La Alcarria

Halfway between the provinces of Guadalajara, Cuenca and Madrid lies Alcaria, a historic and natural region that has preserved its own flavour and identity, in which time seems to have stood still. The apparent aridity of the limestone desert that...
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Sierra de Gredos

Sierra de Gredos is a vast mountain range that crosses the interior of the Iberian Peninsula from east to west, and rises like a great wall between the two plateaus that dominate the interior of Spain, known as the two Castillas. Spreading over...
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Montes de Toledo

The Montes de Toledo region is one of those corners where time seems to have stood still, and it will delight travellers who want to know the authentic southern plateau of Castellana. Located in the center-south of the province of Toledo,...
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El Bierzo

La Comarca de El Bierzo is one of those corners of Spain that have preserved its identity almost intact, perhaps because it is a little hidden among other better-known regions. El Bierzo is located to the northwest of the province of León,...
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Arribes del Duero

Once the long Douro River has crossed the city of Zamora on its way to the Atlantic, it goes south and about 100 km it form the natural border with Portugal, the longest and deepest sequence of ravines in the entire Iberian Peninsula. Such a scene...
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La Jacetania

In a lovely corner of the western Pyrenees is the region of La Jacetania (Aragon), a historical and topographical area that has its roots in the ninth century when it gave rise to the primitive County of Aragon, later converted into a kingdom with...
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Valle de Alcudia

Alcudia Valley and its natural extension to the south, Sierra Madrona, make up one of the most authentic, beautiful and unknown areas of Spain. Located in the south of the province of Ciudad Real, at the foot of the Sierra Morena, this natural...
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