This is the beste time to visit the Valle del Jerte

Jerte Valley belongs to Extremadura and has been considered an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1973. It is located in one of the best Spanish enclaves for rural tourism. It combines nature, culture, gastronomy, sports, and good weather most of the time. Rural activity in this area is still significant.

Although the valley is currently made up of eleven municipalities, several towns have disappeared throughout history up to the present day due to the depopulation phenomenon caused by migration from the countryside to the city. Even so, we can still enjoy many of the valley's ancient traditions thanks, in part, to the celebration of the Cherry Blossom festival, in which the whole region is involved in organising activities and days based on its main economic activity: the marketing of cherries and picotas cherries.

In fact, Jerte Valley Tourist Office is doing enormous work to attract interested tourists, keeping the whole year's activities updated on its website. In particular, the busiest times are those that match its three most important events:

La Otoñada


Between November and December, benefiting from the splendour of autumn, with numerous cultural activities and gastronomic days organised in the valley. The main reason for this is the visual spectacle offered by this area of northern Extremadura. Thanks to its river, changes in altitude and temperature, gorges, waterfalls and variety of flora, the colours that dye the valley are as diverse and vivid as those of a Van Gogh painting.

The Cherry Blossom

Undoubtedly one of the best times to visit the Jerte Valley. Cherry blossom, the main activity in the area, takes place between the end of March and the beginning of April and usually lasts around 10 days. The most spectacular thing is to see the whole picture as a flowery blanket; unlike the Japanese pink flower, the cherry blossom found in Jerte Valley is white and light-looking when viewed from afar, like in an impressionist painting.

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The Cerecera

After the Cherry Blossom festival, the picota cherry and cherry blossom harvesting season arrives, which begins at the end of April and ends in July. Tourism offices in Jerte Valley recommends visiting this event between May and June, with the greatest variety of cherries to be found in June. During the Cerecera, not only can we enjoy the harvesting ritual, but also a host of activities such as the acclaimed cherry and picota cherry tasting fairs and guided tours of the Valley's cooperatives.

Jerte Valley has historically been a strategic place for different cultures. It owes its name to the river Jerte, which comes from the Arabic "Xerit", meaning "narrow river" or " crystalline river". Although at the time of Alfonso VIII of Castile, the valley was called Valle de Plasencia. This was because this Castilian king founded Plasencia to secure control of the areas that today form Jerte Valley and Gredos Valley, both known for their agricultural wealth.