El Bierzo

La Comarca de El Bierzo is one of those corners of Spain that have preserved its identity almost intact, perhaps because it is a little hidden among other better-known regions. El Bierzo is located to the northwest of the province of León, bordering Galicia, Asturias, Zamora and Portugal. All these lands have exerted some subtle influence on this historical and natural region, not hiding its long tradition, but accentuating it with its own dialect, ancestral customs and even its own Designation of Origin. Favoured by a mild oceanic climate of transition to the mainland, it makes the Berciana lands synonymous with abundance: from fruit trees to olive groves, orchards and extensive fields of vines cover the hills between which the small populations of stone houses and slate roofs are dispersed.

El Bierzo: between kingdoms and vineyards

The cultural and gastronomic richness of El Bierzo reflects these high standards of quality and authenticity: it has its historical roots in the ancient kingdoms of Asturias and León and its capital, Ponferrada, is an incomparable exponent of medieval Christian culture, as well as one of the references on the Camino de Santiago. Such a tradition could only be accompanied by an intense, ancient and very particular gastronomic culture with two clear protagonists: the Berciano botillo (meat-stuffed pork intestine) and the wine made using the mencía varietal.