Montes de Toledo

The Montes de Toledo region is one of those corners where time seems to have stood still, and it will delight travellers who want to know the authentic southern plateau of Castellana. Located in the center-south of the province of Toledo, everything in this region oozes a marked Manchego and Toledo character: its typical landscapes of Mediterranean forest dotted with oaks, olive groves and vine fields; the stony cliffs on which can be found the windmills that Don Quixote sighted; the small villages of whitewashed houses with town squares dyed blue; as well as the flocks of sheep painting white paths and pastures, guided by traditional nomadic shepherds...

Between the "montes" and Toledo, pure essence and Manchega tradition

One of the moments that will mark the traveller who enters the region of the Montes de Toledo will be to taste a bite of Manchego cheese - deep, spicy and with touches of acorn - accompanied by some of the broths of the area - intense, humid, full-bodied - in any of the traditional tascas that endure among the villages of the region, wrapped with a characteristic scent of mountain... What else is there to say? Find the ideal stop while planning your next visit: perhaps to some of the important Visigothic remains of the area; or to the refreshing waterfalls of Parque de Cabañeros; or the charming ethnographic museum of the next village.