La Jacetania

In a lovely corner of the western Pyrenees is the region of La Jacetania (Aragon), a historical and topographical area that has its roots in the ninth century when it gave rise to the primitive County of Aragon, later converted into a kingdom with capital in Jaca. Jacetania combines the spectacular and abrupt geology of the Pyrenees, with the bonanza of the so-called Western Valleys towards its southern slope, giving this land a unique and legendary beauty. The vastness of its landscapes and wild nature attract athletes who love high mountains and risks; while small and scattered villages, with their ancient traditions and dialects, will amaze those eager to discover authentic Spain.

The Heart and the Frontier of a Kingdom

Jacetania emerged as a settlement to curb the incursions of the Islamic troops already settled in Huesca. The intricate and difficult terrain of the pre-Pyrenean area made the invaders desist, and in the ninth century the inhabitants of the western valleys formed the origin of the future Kingdom of Aragon. Culturally, it soon became a bastion of medieval Christianity that reached its maximum expression in the Romanesque Jaquense.But La Jacetania also has a strong identity of its own forged through the valleys and centuries, and the open character of the border areas, with a charming French influence.

How to Get to La Jacetania