La Alcarria

Halfway between the provinces of Guadalajara, Cuenca and Madrid lies Alcaria, a historic and natural region that has preserved its own flavour and identity, in which time seems to have stood still. The apparent aridity of the limestone desert that defines it is continually interrupted by rivers and streams that flow from north to south, forming gentle slopes or deep valleys. Thus, the holm oak and olive groves of the marshes go hand in hand with the small but lush scrub forests of the hillsides and valleys. Among these austere but dramatic reliefs you will also find, almost hidden like a precious secret, fascinating Roman ruins, imposing medieval castles and narrow villages with age-old traditions.

What makes this land so unique?

In Alcarria, a word of Arabic origin meaning farmhouse, the humble original settlers knew how to take advantage of the conditions of their land and make it unique: olive oil, wines with a controlled designation of origin such as Mocejón and Mondéjar grow there, and above all the famous Alcarria honey, nectar originating from the abundance of aromatic plants such as rosemary and lavender, which also flood these fields with their colour and fragrance. An unknown, unique and largely unexplored land, "a country that people don't feel like going to" in the words of Nobel laureate Camilo J. Cela, where you may find an irresistible and almost spiritual inspiration.

How to get to Alcarria