Sierra de Gredos

Sierra de Gredos is a vast mountain range that crosses the interior of the Iberian Peninsula from east to west, and rises like a great wall between the two plateaus that dominate the interior of Spain, known as the two Castillas. Spreading over 120 km and with peaks over 2,000 metres high, it stands like a sleeping giant, surviving on quaternary glaciers, rocky forests and springs in a lush natural environment. Nestling between the basins of two rivers, the foothills of these mountains are dotted with small villages of a distinctive mountain style that have preserved a way of life adapted to the harsh winters, while waiting for the bonanza of spring in the fertile valleys.

What makes these mountains unique?

The immensity and stillness of the Sierra de Gredos invites you to get to know it little by little, following its paths or gorges, natural passages that time has carved into it, used since ancient times as the only way of communication between the two plateaus. Through them, you will find traces of the first Celtic settlements and sanctuaries, or the medieval hermitages that are still visited through pilgrimages, and you can discover the magic contained in the rocks of these mountains.

How to get to Sierra de Gredos