Valles Pasiegos

Pasiegos Valleys are a group of small and intricate valleys characterised by their bright green colour and the softness of their hills. Located in the heart of the region of Cantabria, they are crossed by the rivers Pas, Pisueña and Miera and have maintained their own identity since immemorial times. Since medieval times, Pasiegos Valleys have also formed a historical region called Pasieguería, which was already known for a special type of transhumance that took advantage of the natural passes and travelled through the higher parts of the valleys in search of the most tender pastures for their livestock.

Emerald green valleys with a lot of personality

In Pasiegos Valleys, nature and architecture come together to form an ecosystem that has been maintained since ancient times: the humble but characterful stone huts can be seen in the higher areas of the valleys scattered across the meadows, in contrast to the colourful houses and mansions found in the valleys below, where the shepherds settled during the winter months. Around the meadows, nature lovers will find a lush forest full of native species of flora and fauna; and towards the lower Pas valley in Cuevas del Castillo, an archaeological jewel more than 30,000 years old.

How to get to Pasiegos Valleys