Hiking through the Pasiegos Valleys: easy trails for everyone

Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to get to know nature and all corners of a place in depth while practising a very healthy, economical and suitable sport for everyone. With family, friends or even alone. It's a perfect time to find oneself or mingle with the locals as one of the locals.

Pasiegos Valleys offer endless possibilities to enjoy hiking at your own pace. There are itineraries for all tastes and levels of difficulty. Whether you've come prepared with your hiking boots and poles, or just want to take an improvised hike in your trainers, be aware of the following.

Cantabria : Easy routes in Pasiegos Valleys for the whole family



From Puente Viesgo to Monte Castillo

Of course, if you plan to visit some of the most famous rock art caves on the peninsula, this is a great excuse to forget the car and walk into the heart of Iberian prehistory.

We will leave from Puente Viesgo, one of the most interesting and touristic villages of the Pasiegos Valleys, following the road. As we continue our journey, the height of the mountain gives us a wider and more beautiful view of the village we have just left behind. Once you get to the park for cave visitors, we recommend buying tickets for Cueva del Castillo and Cueva de las Monedas, but don't stop there! Follow the marked path and you will discover the entrances to the caves that cannot be visited at present: Cueva de las Chimeneas, Cueva de la Flecha and Cueva de la Pasiega. 

At the end of the path, bordering the mountain, you can access Cueva de las Monedas (Coin Cave). This cave is the longest in the region, so be prepared for a long walk!

On leaving the Cueva de las Monedas, return along the same path to finally visit the Cueva del Castillo, a cave rich in rock art.

The whole tour will take you approximately one hour each way, not counting the cave visits. On your return to Puente Viesgo, don't forget your reward: a delicious local dish to recharge your batteries!

Puente Viesgo | Easy routes in Pasiego Valleys for the whole family
Puente Viesgo | Easy routes in Pasiego Valleys for the whole family



Rubionzo River Route

This is one of the less difficult walks, perfect for the whole family while enjoying nature. The route is easy to follow and can be completed in less than an hour. Of course, this is a linear route from Abionzo to Llerana, which you must memorise to return to the starting point! Among the great attractions of this route are the pre-industrial remains that we find as we pass through the villages and its lush landscape of oak and chestnut trees.

About halfway along the route we come across the Rubi river and the Rubionzo mill, which still conserves its original structure. When you arrive in Llerana , you will find several restaurants where you can recharge your batteries with the best of the local gastronomy.



Yera River Route

Towards the south, there is another accessible route of Pasiegos Valleys for the whole family. It starts in Vega de Pas and leads to the abandoned station of Yera and, if you dare, to Túnel de la Engaña.

The route is easy because there are practically no slopes and as it follows almost entirely the banks of the river Yera, you can't get lost either. It's a walk of about an hour and a half (and equal time back) through a path that is not difficult at all. As you can imagine, thanks to the wetness of the trail, the vegetation is spectacular, although it doesn't obstruct the path.

At the end of the route you will find the ghost station of Yera, completely abandoned. An unusual scene in the middle of nature. A few metres further on, you will find the Túnel de la Engaña, a tunnel that Republican prisoners mostly built after the Spanish Civil War to house two train tracks connecting Cantabria to Burgos. More than 20 years of work for never being used. Quite a waste, don't you think?


Everything is ready for the adventure. But don't forget about accommodation!

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