Enjoy these delicious dishes from the Sierra de Gredos

Sierra de Gredos area is one of the most popular in Spain for lovers of rural tourism and nature. But it is not only the landscapes, the corners and the history of its villages that are the most outstanding features of this area; its gastronomy is also very important when it comes to choosing it as a rural destination.

The gastronomy of Sierra de Gredos


Spain is generally a very good place to eat, so Sierra de Gredos is no exception when you consider that it has good local products, quality raw materials such as oils, cheeses, mushrooms and cherries, as well as the popularly known veal from Avila.

This area is characterised by a local gastronomy that includes traditional dishes currently being fused into more modern versions, but without losing the essence of their origins. 

Among its most typical dishes, as we mentioned before, is "chuletón de Ávila" (Avila T-bone steak). This province has oxen, cows and calves of the Avileña-Negra Ibérica breed, the only one of its kind in Spain. That is why the meat from the area has such prestige and recognition. If you are a lover of good meat, be sure to try one of these on your visit to the Sierra de Gredos. 

If you prefer spoon dishes, you'll be pleasantly surprised by El Barco's beans . It is a typical local dish that used to be served at celebratory dinners, as well as on slaughter days. It is made over a sofrito of tomato, garlic and onions with a touch of paprika. Some variants may include rice in the recipe. The quality of this dish became so popular that it was awarded the Protected Geographical Indication status. 

Still referring to spoon dishes, it is worth mentioning garlic soup, as well as chickpea stew. But definitely, if there is one dish that is well known in the Sierra de Gredos, it's the potatoes "revolconas". Specifically, it is a typical dish from Tiétar Valley, consisting of potatoes cooked with garlic, paprika and bay leaves in the fat resulting from frying the torrezno - or chorizo - which is then added on top of the potatoes. The texture is similar to mashed potatoes and it is eaten hot, especially in winter. If you are invited to eat scrambled, shaken or stirred potatoes, bear in mind that you are being invited to the same thing, only with a different way of referring to them.

The Sierra de Gredos area is also popular for its olive oils, as well as for the goat cheeses of Tiétar Valley. But fruit and vegetables are not far behind, peaches being the most typical fruit of the area. Have you heard of orejones? they are dried peaches that can be eaten at any time. You can also find them in wine, in syrup or fresh, especially in the summer months. Cherries are a classic, as are figs and chestnuts, which provide us with some of the most appetising confectionery recipes in the whole area.

But what is a good meal if it is not accompanied by a good wine. The Garnacha grape is one of the best positioned grapes in Spain and is the characteristic variety of the Sierra de Gredos, an area where you can accompany your meal with a quality wine.

And those with a sweet tooth also have their specialities. Arroz con leche, custard, buñuelos, rosquillas and torrijas are typical of the area. One of the most popular desserts is arrope made with pumpkin and black figs.

Have we encouraged you to savour the corners of Sierra de Gredos through its typical dishes?